Together with Petra, Karina is the best-known german fashion doll from the 1970s/80s.

Karina was introduced to the market. She has a suntan and was sold in blonde and brunette.
Since ever Karina dolls have movable hands and arms. During the first years Karina had painted eyelashes.
(See pictures below, taken from the first Karina booklet)

Topsi was introduced as member of the Karina Family.
She was available in blonde and brunette and was sold single or in a set with a Karina doll.
(See picture below)

Karina-Baby was introduced. She was sold as "Karinchen" during the first year.
She was available with short brown hair and brown eyes and with long blonde hair and blue eyes.
Also Marc was introduced the same year. He had painted hair. Karina did get rooted eyelashes.
(See picture below)

Karina got a smiling face and a brighter skin color.
Marc and Topsi got a simling face too.
Marc got rooted hair (brunette or blonde).
Karina-Baby was now also available with blonde short hair.
(See picture below)

between 1988 and 1991 Karina "Boutique" was available.
The Bouique doll had no movable hands/elbows and no bendable legs.
She was sold in big boxes including 3 outfits.
(See picture below)

Karina's face was renewed.
There were no rooted eyelashes anymore, the make-up was changed and the hair quality was improved.
(See picture below)

Marc was also vailable with a (painted) moustache now.
Stoepsel, a boy doll, was introduced (same age as Topsi).
(See picture below)

Some Karina dolls were sold with lifelike glass eyes and extra-long hair.
All Karina dolls got a decent purple eye make-up.
Topsi was also available with extra long hair.

Karina's face paint was changed again.
(See picture below)

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